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Moshi Moshi Japanese Festival 2018

Come to Subang Jaya Da Men Mall from this 17/08 – 26/08/2018 for the anticipated Moshi Moshi Japanese Festival! 😍

There will be lots of delicious Japanese food, activities such as fashion and cultural shows and many more! Experience Japanese culture and trends at this festival, don’t miss it. Tag your friends and family now! 💁

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Moshi Moshi日本节日2018年!

Moshi Moshi 日本节日即将于17/8/2018至26/8/2018在Subang Jaya Da Men Mall 举行!

这里有很多很多好吃的,玩的,时尚秀等 还有更多精彩节目等着你哦!快来大门逛逛吧,大门除了有举办Moshi Moshi日本节日,他们还新开了3间食物店 😍 哇~


Credits to: Da Men Mall

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