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Touch ‘n Go stops selling SmartTags Devices

Touch ‘n Go will no longer sell the SmartTAG devices from (8/08/2018) onwards. However, existing SmartTAG devices can still be used at all highways. In addition, highway users can continue to use their Touch ‘n Go cards or MyKad for toll payments. New system called RFID will be implemented from September onwards.

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To those who would like to register their interests as users for RFID can submit their contact details to www.touchngo.com.my



一触即通公司也在(8/08/2018)发文告表示,该公司是在去年与多家大道特许经营公司合作,针对RFID展开全面测试后才作出上述的决定。如果有兴趣试用RFID技术的民众,可在网站www.touchngo.com.my 登记,参与这项面试。

Credits to: www.touchngo.com.my

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