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Individualized Detoxification Care Treatment

Whether this is your first time seeking 💥 wholeness and vigor, Beauspa Health & Beauty Centre is here for you. ❤ They have a team of specialists to address your needs. We need to stay healthy after long hours of work and insufficiency exercise and good diet. ⚡

Stabilize and engage your body at the most fundamental state which is its energy. Meridian Detox Therapy is an excellent treatment to set your energy back to its optimum level.👍 😍Meridian Detox Therapy is used to open up the energy channels in the body through nerves network🔨. It helps to:
✔ eliminate fatigue,
✔ relieve neck, shoulders & back aches,
✔ lymphatic drainage and
✔ improves blood circulation
✔ relieves joint problems and
✔ reduces edema problems
✔ improves memory
✔ reduce migraine and dizziness
✔ easier to fall asleep

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We have been working long hours and we may forget to take care of our body.Treat our body now and better living! Solve it now as soon as possible so your body will be at ease! 😄 Now call them☎ for appointment now!

FB Messenger: http://m.me/beauspa
Facebook: Beauspa Health & Beauty Centre
Address: 30-1 USJ 10/1, Subang Jaya 47620 Selangor
Business Hours: Tuesday ~ Friday: 11am-7.30pm | Saturday ~ Sunday: 11am-6pm (Closed on every Monday)
Contact Number: 03-5637 7226, 019-3730982

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💥 火爆美容界的“肩颈经络排酸排毒疗法”让肩颈和腰骨酸痛消失!❤ 以促销价格在Beauspa Health & Beauty Centre 享受经络排酸,震压出皮下深层周围的酸性物质!⚡ 排酸按摩后,感觉到身体轻盈自在~😍

“肩颈经络排酸排毒疗法”会比淋巴排毒来的更有效哦!👍 它能轻松帮你:
✔ 打通人体经穴通道,通经活络
✔ 改善肩颈僵硬,腰酸问题
✔ 消除疲劳
✔ 缓解肩颈肌肉
✔ 改善睡眠
✔ 袪风散寒

消除城市文明病,成效立竿见影哦!利用排酸棒震压全身肌肉,消除累积于体内的酸性废物,促进新陈代谢,改善全身循环!整个人精神抖擞,有一种久违的通畅和舒服感!😄 身体的僵硬、郁结疏通了!疗程后, 酸痛问题都会慢慢不见!👌

Beauspa Health & Beauty Centre 火爆的“ 肩颈经络排酸排毒疗法”帮你轻松养生!赶快致电预约吧!☎

FB Messenger: http://m.me/beauspa
面子书: Beauspa Health & Beauty Centre
地址:30-1 USJ 10/1, Subang Jaya 47620 Selangor
营业时间:Tuesday ~ Friday: 11am-7.30pm | Saturday ~ Sunday: 11am-6pm (Closed on every Monday)
联络号码:03-5637 7226, 019-3730982

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